My first meaningful award

Until recently, I never understood the buzz about that ubiquitous award thing. A group of people subjectively decide that one particular photo is slightly better than thousands of others. It seems so unfair, selfish, and cruel to the rest of photographers.

I have a number of those meaningless awards. But wait, I am a commercial photographer. A commercial photographer should be praised according to the benefit she brought to her client, not by the subjective opinion of a group of other photographers, right?

And it is such a waste of time to go through all the application process. Alas, awards are very important “extraordinary” evidence for O1 artist visas, so I had no choice but to join in the award game.

It all changed on May 4th 2018. Dear friends from Leadership Pasadena honored me with the first real, meaningful award. This was the award I hadn’t had to apply for. They acknowledged my work not just as a set of pretty pictures but a truly valuable and helpful product that serves its purpose. This, in my opinion, is the most important reward for any professional.

Thank you so much, Leadership Pasadena for the 2018 Friends of the Program Award. It is a double honor to get the award from the leaders of one of the best cities in the world!