Los Angeles Public Library 500 feet from above

Take a look at the gorgeous building down there.

What? You don't see anything gorgeous from that far?

Well, when Bertram Goodhue designed it in 1923, there were no US Tower, no Citygroupcenter and no Ketchum-YMCA building. Los Angeles Public Library was made to amuse and inspire. Its eclectic pyramid covered with mosaic. A separate sun shines on every of four sides of it, and a torch of knowledge towers the very top.

The invention of a helicopter was still a decade away. A plane ride was worth a fortune. The temple of knowledge was built to hover above our heads and not linger somewhere down below.

It is all different now. One doesn't have to launch a flying camera to contemplate this scenery. For hundreds of office workers, it is a mundane window view. I personally like to enjoy it with a glass of IPA from 71Above The possibilities are endless!

Actually, the Central Library building only benefits from its sky-scraping neighbors. Their mirror-like walls redirect sun rays from all possible angles and set the yellow stone of the Library on golden fire. Also, it is great that we have so many points of view on Goodhue's masterpiece. It deserves to be contemplated from all the angles.