Life Is Not a Fairy Tale

Today, two-year-old kids operate gadgets better than adults. It seems that even at birth they already know how to watch fairy tales on Youtube. Time passes quickly and these children begin to explore our world via the Internet. But the world is not a fairy tale.

The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids (click here to read the fairy tale)

As part of a promotional campaign for Kaspersky Antivirus software, we created these realistic fairy tale pictures to warn parents about the dangers their children may face on the internet. We added frightening situations to five well-known fairy tales to show adults the alarming realities that can await their children on the internet.

Sleeping Beauty (click here to read the fairy tale)

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Goldfish (click here to read the fairy tale)

The purpose of these pictures was not only to warn parents, but also to showcase the Parental Control module in Kaspersky Antivirus Products that contains award-winning features that make it easy to defend children while they’re online. The module helps to protect children against sexual predators, block access to inappropriate content, prevent app store purchases, restrict access to games & social networking websites, and prevent disclosure of personal information.

Little Red Riding Hood (click here to read the fairy tale)

We published these scary fairy tales on the popular blog In collaboration with the Kaspersky Lab, we then organized an adult contest allowing readers to draw and submit their own ideas of what children should not see on the internet. The best ideas were illustrated by our artists and published on the blog.

The campaign was spread across the Internet with more than 450,000 trackable impressions. It was re-posted by many external websites, including Pikabu which has 9,600,000 monthly views. Both the official and the user-submitted pictures went viral and the contest proved to be a huge success.

Don’t forget to protect your children from the dangers of the adult world, because life on the internet is not a fairy tale!

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