How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

First of all, please sleep. It’s a Photoshoot; it’s not an exam! There is no need to study all night. The best thing you can do is look fresh and rested. If you don’t sleep enough, we might face dehydrated flabby skin, tired eyes with dark circles and burst blood vessels. On top of it, exhaustion can cause distracted attention and a need to get everything over with ASAP.

Sounds scary, right?

Well, even in this case we'll still be able to get some nice shots, but they definitely will be better if you have a good rest before.

Please, avoid experiments with cosmetic products. No deep cleaning, tanning or hair removal the day before a photoshoot. Moistening and smoothing is great but you should use products and tools you’ve tested before to avoid unexpected allergic reactions. Most of all, your skin needs plenty of water and a long, restful sleep.

Speaking of water, it’s vital and we do need about a half a gallon per day. However, try to drink water in small portions throughout the whole day. Drinking more than two glasses of any liquid one hour before bed time can cause swelling and bags under the eyes. Also, try to avoid spicy and/or very salty food and alcohol. They lead to skin issues like black spots and dehydration.

Renew your manicure. All natural colors, light pink or a French manicure are acceptable. Unless the photoshoot is Halloween-themed, I don’t recommend using bright or dark colors. We want to concentrate the attention on your unique personality, not the nails.

The same goes for clothes. Choose solid neutral colors, soft patterns and no big colorful prints. If you want to look taller, vertical stripes will work for you; meanwhile, horizontal lines can make your figure look wider. Also, it’s better to avoid baggy garments. They might look nice in motion, but in the photo, they usually ruin the silhouette. Capris or mini skirts are not recommended as they can visually squeeze you.

Women, if you are going only for headshots, bring several blouses of different colors and neck holes. Dresses can also work. Don’t forget about heels. Even if they are not framed, they will make you more confident and straighten your posture. Simple jewelry like a necklace and earrings will complete the look.

If you are planning a modeling portfolio or romantic pictures, also bring pants, skirts, jeans and dresses. Take everything you like and let the photographer and stylist choose what to use. Don’t forget about footwear. Sweaters, scarfs and shirts are perfect for a tender and romantic look.

Men, please, when you are going for a photoshoot take at least a couple shirts/polos/jerseys with you. It is best if they have different neck holes. It’s always good to have a choice. By the way, light pants and moccasins can look gorgeous, especially if we are shooting beyond just a corporate style. Take as many items as you can. Don’t forget to pair your outfit with shoes. I know, most of you hate to pose, but it will be fun, I promise.

Be careful with makeup. Nowadays, we have high definition photography. That means that we can get a very detailed picture and explore every single pore on a portrait. If there is a pimple, it won’t be a problem. Luckily, with Photoshop, we can obliterate it very quickly. The real issue can be a huge coat of foundation covered with heavy powder. We can easily make corrections with the skin, but if there is absence of skin, it very hard to create that from scratch. That’s why I highly recommend inviting a professional makeup artist with special high definition cosmetics. Unless you are very confident in your skills, I advise you to be content with transparent powder instead of a full foundation ritual. Also, avoid pearly and sparkling shadows and blushes. A photo is still, not a motion picture. This kind of shiny or glittery makeup doesn’t work well in this instance. It’s especially dangerous if a flash is used during the shoot. Shiny shadows reflect the light and you’ll get plain white spots instead of beautiful eyes.

The most important thing in preparation is being cheerful and optimistic. Modeling is surely fun and valuable. Have a great time shooting and you’ll get amazing pictures.

…And sleep well before…(Oh, did I already mention that? :)

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