A very weird place: The Body Worlds exhibition

It is probably the longest kiss in human history. And not just the kiss. If you are a delicate, sensitive flower, immediately close this post. Even if it begins with love, the rest of it is about shocking art and cold-blooded science.

Skinned and plastinated, two human bodies were locked in what, I assume, is the longest sexual act ever. This part of the exhibition is hidden with black walls. A polite, alive gentleman will warn you that this is a no photo area. The walls are covered with texts and images about the science of love. Oh, pardon my romantic attitude. It actually is about human reproduction.

Although this part of installation did look sensual and indeed romantic.

No, I have no previous necrophile history.

It is just a very weird place: The Body Worlds exhibition.

You can take as many selfies as you want for the rest of the show. People excessively used this generous opportunity. The Body Worlds is an amusing illustration of the beauty and complexity of a human body. All showpieces were alive fairly recently. The process of plastination was invented in 1977 and has been remarkably perfected ever since. The bodies indeed look like they are made of plastic. Neat, surreal, very much like 3-D printed statues but not the real thing. That is probably the reason why even little kids were looking at the horrifying scenes with curiosity and admiration. After visiting that reproduction section, how their parents explain at what exact moment the stork flies by?

February 4th is the last day of the show in California Science Center, Los Angeles. Other Body Worlds exhibitions are in San Jose, Halifax and Heidelberg, Germany. For the up to date information about the show visit Body Worlds Website.

And, if you don't have the opportunity to see it personally, here is a brief phototour

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