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A Smarter Way to Use Instagram Highlights

If you love exceptional still photography, check out Daria Khoroshavina's Instagram page @kitchenghosts. Once you done scrolling through mesmerizing animation of steaming mugs and flowing honey, turn your attention to her Instagram Highlights. There are only two bubbles: Backstage and About Us and this is one of the best use of Highlight section I've ever seen on Instagram.

A great use of Instagram Highlights

You might be wondering why I call the two-bubble section with sloppy written names one of the best I've ever seen. It doesn't even have custom drawn covers! To understand that let's remind to ourselves what the word "highlight" means.

The definition of highlight
From Merriam Webster dictionary

With Highlights Instagram gives us an opportunity to elevate important information to the top of our profile. For businesses, usually, it would be services provided, their values, reviews, frequently asked questions. Tapping through Daria's stories we quickly find out, that she has her own studio but also available to travel, that she is happy to collaborate with brands, she is working with a wonderful team of helpers and it's very much likely that she herself is also very wonderful.

It is common for Instagram accounts to have at least a dozen of Highlights bubbles with countless stories in each of them. Highlights loose their initial meaning and become an cumbersome archive of dated content. What is a chance that user will go through any significant part of it? It would be so much more efficient to use this tool to emphasize what is the most important and make sure that a viewer finds helpful information in no time.

Instagram Highlights is a great way to make a catalog of product or services business provide.

Social Media gives us a powerful tool to be discovered and communicate with the world. This privilege is not exclusive to us, many other businesses and content creators are competing for the viewers' attention. However, not all of them take time to enhance user experience and present the information in the easy to reach and understand way. If we take the proper care of our communication channels it will help us to stand out among the competitors.

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