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Port of LA

20% of all US Cargo comes to the Port of Los Angeles

Venice Canals

Can asthma be constructive? Click here to read a short story about the creation of Venice Canals.



Sorbonne was established in 1257.

My alma mater, the University of Koenigsberg -  in 1544.  

UCLA, the youngest of the greatest universities, doesn't look immature at all. Being born in 1919, it does have all the attributes of a prominent educational institution: old style architecture, breathtaking libraries and tens of thousands of teenagers dreaming to call UCLA their own alma mater.  



No photos can do Yosemite justice. Ask 4 000 000 people who visit Yosemite National Park every year.


My favorite way to enjoy Paris is to walk on its gorgeous streets and avenues with some music in my ears. Alone.