PET Photography

If your fluffy tailed friend is not a  member of your family, this page is not for you.


Go to the Industrial Photography page and enjoy cold, heartless metalware.


We are here to talk about our adored pets.

Besides the fact that our friends have hairy ears, tails and most likely funny rubber noses, they are also very beautiful and deserve a page or two in family photo albums.


Maybe even their own photo album?


It may be even more appropriate to blow up a picture, let’s say 40x60 inches, and hang it in the living room.


The resolution of an Instagram photo is not nearly enough for such important purposes. It is exactly for such matters that professional photographers exist.


Where to shoot?


Home is a perfect location. No stress for the pet; everything is familiar, and the favorite armchair is right here in the study.


Let’s snuggle in the chair with a fresh morning paper and read the headlines while the photographer sets up. It might be impossible to solve the crossword puzzle from all the scraps of newspaper on the floor after the shoot is complete and your adorable pet has had their way. Don’t worry about it. We live in XXI century; go read the news online. Do your crossword there.


Maybe we don’t want to create a mess at home. Let’s bring the star of the shoot to a photo studio. For our convenience, every studio is equipped with professional strobes, a variety of backdrops and always has good weather. If we still want to c̶h̶e̶w̶ read a newspaper, we can take it with us.



If we decide to shoot outdoors, let's find a dramatic photogenic place. For example, it can be a foggy early morning lake or a precipitous cliff with a solitary tree.


A popular city park is not the preferred option. The upper crust well-bred ladies and gentlemen like to gather in such places. The chances that our model prefers to chat with the noble society instead of posing for the photographer is very high.


Not every pet acknowledges the significance of a professional photoshoot.


They have some other important business to attend to and do not have time to sit still and stare at the dull black box for several minutes.


Sometimes it takes a lot of effort, ingenuity, and patience to get the portraits that we want.

Throughout my career, I have met some outstanding professional models who like to pose and gladly acquiesce to all our requests.


How will it be with your fluffy friend?


It is you, the esteemed owner, who knows all your pet’s habits and preferences. If you share this valuable information with the photographer, it will be easier to bring success to our photographic mission.

No matter where the shoot takes place or what kinds of portraits we want to take, we will make sure that our model is enjoying the process. They are our beloved family members and their comfort and happiness are most important!

By ordering a photoshoot for your beloved pet,

you help to save the precious lives of these fascinating creatures

10% of every pet photoshoot goes to the Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation.


Please, click here to learn more about these beautiful bunnies and how we can contribute to their happy future.




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