If your fluffy friend is a  member of your family, this page is not for you. Go to my Industrial Photography website and enjoy cold, heartless metalware.


We are here to talk about our adored pets!

Besides the fact that our friends have hairy ears, tails and most likely funny rubber noses, they are also very beautiful and deserve a page or two in family photo albums.


Maybe even their own photo album?


It may be even more appropriate to blow up a picture, let’s say 40x60 inches, and hang it in the living room. The resolution of an Instagram photo is not nearly enough for such important purposes. It is exactly for such matters that professional photographers exist.

Where to shoot?


They have some other important business to attend to and do not have time to sit still and stare at the dull black box for several minutes.


Sometimes it takes a lot of effort, ingenuity, and patience to get the portraits that we want.

Not every pet acknowledges the importance of a professional photoshoot.


Throughout my career, I have met some outstanding professional models who like to pose and gladly acquiesce to all our requests.


How will it be with your fluffy friend?


It is you, the esteemed owner, who knows all your pet’s habits and preferences. If you share this valuable information with the photographer, it will be easier to bring success to our photographic mission.


Ready to get gorgeous portraits for your pet Instargram page?


Petfolio Photoshoot

price $475

reserve your photoshoot,

schedule for any available date in 2021

Petfolio Gift Certificate

price $525

delivered to you within 2 days

can be redeemed before Dec 31, 2022

What is included in Petfolio?


Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate includes:

-Certificate of Awesomeness in a high-quality 5x7 inch frame

-Legal note with photoshoot details

-Craft box 

-Greeting sticker

Behind the scenes

My name is Irina. I am taking photos with chunky black cameras since 2006. As you've already guessed, pets are a big part of my life. If your fluffy friend has the same couch rights as the rest of the family, we'll definitely get along!


These two behind the scenes photos with me and my fluffy models are kindly taken by my friends. Every other photo on this page is taken by me.

On my free from pet photography time, I work on fun advertising and editorial projects with big international companies and very important tailless humans. Click here to check them out


Where to shoot?

Home is a perfect location. No stress for the pet; everything is familiar, and the favorite armchair is right here in the study.


Let’s snuggle in the chair with a fresh morning paper and read the headlines while the photographer sets up. It might be impossible to solve the crossword puzzle from all the scraps of newspaper on the floor after the shoot is complete and your adorable pet has had their way. Don’t worry about it. We live in XXI century; go read the news online. Do your crossword there.


Let's find a dramatic photogenic place for our outdoor shoot. Maybe a lake at a foggy morning or a precipitous cliff with a solitary tree?


Don't want to go far? A nearby city park will also work! Let's find the one that is not too popular. Why? The upper crust well-bred ladies and gentlemen like to gather in such places. The chances that our model prefers to chat with the noble society instead of posing for the photographer is very high.


No matter where the shoot takes place or what kinds of portraits we want to take, we will make sure that our model is enjoying the process. They are our beloved family members and their comfort and happiness are most important!

By the way, if you've ordered a Petfolio photoshoot, you helped to save the precious lives of these fascinating creatures

10% of every pet photoshoot goes to the Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation.

Please, click here to learn more about these beautiful bunnies and how we can contribute to their happy future.



What People Say

  • Harry-09-internet.jpg

    Irina is an amazing photographer! She took the most incredible pictures of my dog Harry. It sounds silly to do a photoshoot with your dog but I will cherish these photos for the rest of my life. She was so patient with Harry, there was definitely a language barrier since Harry is a dog. He didn’t quite know what “chin up” meant so we improvised!

  • Kirstyn-08-internet.jpg

    Kirstyn Lazyr

    author, teacher

    Irina is an outstanding photographer. I've worked with Irina a number of times and not only does she always deliver the best quality photos, but she does so with great care for her client. She really takes time to know what the project is about so that she can best represent it through a photograph. I appreciate her professionalism, dependability, attention to detail and intelligence. She is so versatile. Her talents extend well beyond photography into other fields such as social media, design, and marketing and she is keenly aware of how important images are to each of these. I feel so blessed to have met Irina and I look forward to working with her on future projects.."

  • LS-01.jpg

    Frank Callari

    founder of Catty Stacks 

    Irina is a phenomenal photographer. But she is so much more than a photographer. Irina spends the time necessary to understand her clients' goals and works towards accomplishing them with creative ideas, research, and hard work. In my Catty Stacks case, she helped with communication, marketing, and social media plans. She never rushes through a project, neither on-site nor in post. I feel fortunate to have found Irina and to have had her talent and expertise applied to my projects. She's also tons of fun to work with! 

  • Musk.jpg

    Kimbal Musk


     Thank you for your support, Irina! Your photos are gorgeous and it’s thanks to people like you who care who make a HUGE difference 🙏

  • Animal-Photographer-Irina-Logra-035.jpg

    Michelle Kelley

    president, Los Angeles

    Rabbit Foundation

    We have worked with Irina Logra for years now and have found her to be completely reliable and the final product is invariably extraordinary.

  • 5f172ab1d5a955d86d19032bfb7eb24e.jpeg

    Ron Dawson

    Sr. Contentanager

    I'm the managing editor of a filmmaking blog for a SaaS company that requires excellence in everything we do. From our product to our blog, we strive for "Apple" levels of quality and detail. For that reason, we are very particular about freelancers we work with to provide imagery for the blog. Hands down, Irina has been the most talented, creative, and hard-working photographer we've worked with. In the nearly 2.5 years that we've worked with her, she is always hands down our #1 choice for a photographer if the subject is anywhere near her vicinity. She brings both creativity and flexibility. More importantly, the caliber of professionals we work with and the environments in which we often photograph them (e.g. movie and TV studios), requires an irreproachable level of trust and discretion. She's always respectful of their time and whether she's working in a cramped editing suite with only an hour to shoot, or if she has all afternoon with multiple locations, she never feels to deliver a suite of jaw-dropping images. Hiring her is a no-brainer. 

  • DrNina-09-2019_390_internet.jpg

    Dr. Nina Savelle-Rocklin PsyD

    psychoanalyst, author, speaker

    Outstanding! Irina is an incredibly dedicated and talented photographer. I've had a lot of photo shoots but she's the first photographer who took the time to research my online presence and visit me in person in order to get a feel for who I am and what I wanted my photographs to convey. She is also a delightful person, as well as being very committed and creative. My lifestyle photos came out beautifully and I'm thrilled with the results! Irina is the best!!!

  • 011 copy.jpg

    Cindy Bengtson

    executive managment consultant

    Irina has a unique ability to capture the feeling, the "soul" of a person or place or thing. She's taken photos for Leadership Pasadena at highly technical locations like JPL, Carnegie Observatory that are stunning but convey more than just physical beauty. Something more. And her photos of people show the essence of them. People see her photos and will say "That's Irina's work, right?" or "That's not a photo Irina took is it?" Plus she has a hunger for learning things and a love of life that makes her a delight and inspiration to work with!

Let's talk!