If your fluffy friend is a  member of your family, this page is not for you. Go to my Industrial Photography website and enjoy cold, heartless metalware.


We are here to talk about our adored pets!


Besides the fact that our friends have hairy ears, tails and most likely funny rubber noses, they are also very beautiful and deserve a page or two in family photo albums.


Maybe even their own photo album?


It may be even more appropriate to blow up a picture, let’s say 40x60 inches, and hang it in the living room. The resolution of an Instagram photo is not nearly enough for such important purposes. It is exactly for such matters that professional photographers exist.


Where to shoot?


They have some other important business to attend to and do not have time to sit still and stare at the dull black box for several minutes.


Sometimes it takes a lot of effort, ingenuity, and patience to get the portraits that we want.

Not every pet acknowledges the importance of a professional photoshoot.


Throughout my career, I have met some outstanding professional models who like to pose and gladly acquiesce to all our requests.


How will it be with your fluffy friend?


It is you, the esteemed owner, who knows all your pet’s habits and preferences. If you share this valuable information with the photographer, it will be easier to bring success to our photographic mission.


Ready to get gorgeous portraits for your pet Instargram page?


Petfolio Photoshoot

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Petfolio Gift Certificate

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