Some people think that a corporate portrait is a mundane frontal view of a person in a dull-colored jacket, a mere ID photo being mistaken as corporate.  A business headshot can by no means be mundane. It has to be powerful, showcasing a trustworthy, intelligent and confident person. We still might have you wear that jacket though.

I am profoundly grateful that employees of 

Raiffeisen, KPMG, Hilton, Mitsubishi, RT Channel, Bacardi, Ebay, DWP, Skolkovo, Kompass Strategy, RUSAL

and other prominent companies trusted me to take corporate portraits for their professional needs.


It requires some time to take great photos. The model must relax and put up with being photographed. The photographer has to find the best poses and the best lighting. Posing takes some effort, but it is also enjoyable and entertaining if you are working with a great team.

But where to shoot a corporate portrait: in an office or a studio?

Either way works. Deciding on a studio or an office depends on your personal goals and preferences. Let me explain the pros and cons of both options.


Corporate Portrait in the OFFICE


It is very convenient to set up a business photoshoot in the office. You don’t have to spend time in traffic; the mobile studio will come to you. Most offices offer a variety of locations: traditional work desks, long and bright aisles, walls with certificates and graphs, conference halls or vast modern spaces with dozens of people creating a unique product.