Architectural Photography is no lazy business! It takes great planning and attention to detail to take a captivating photo.  In Portraiture, we can control the lighting and set up any scene we want. For cityscapes and architecture, it is the other way around. We can't control the sun and its position in the sky, but we can do all necessary research and set the shoot on the best possible day and time.



Usually, we want to shoot for 2 hours right after a sunrise and/or 2 hours before the sunset to catch the soft, diffused light. It is exactly what is needed to get a vibrant, juicy photo without any undesirable harsh shadows.  Twilight is best for capturing lamplight. It looks much better right after sunset when the sky is deep blue and not yet dullish solid black.


However, you absolutely don't have to know all these details about architectural photography. It is my job to take superb photos to help your business thrive. Just tell me what kind of pictures you need and how you want to use them, and I will give recommendations as to the best way to successfully accomplish the mission.


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