There is a belief that every successful professional needs to post a bio written in the third person. Should you require my bio in the third person, here it is:

Irina Logra started her photography career in 2006, contributing as a freelancer to several lifestyle magazines while working full time in a marketing company. In Spring 2007, she started to work within the Marketing and Public Affairs Department on the International RT TV Channel, developing marketing strategies and serving as a photographer for department needs. After receiving the Promax Gold Award for best corporate souvenir and running advertising campaigns in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East, she decided to focus on her photography career and opened her own studio.


As an independent photographer, Irina has worked with numerous clients, including leading publishing houses, auction houses, and many well-known companies such as Raiffeisen, Jaguar Land Rover, Bosco, RUSAL and celebrities such as Michelle Kwan, Dolph Lundgren, Brian Tracy, and others. In addition to her photography career, she became a partner and creative director of a social media marketing company "SMMarketing," where she developed promotional campaigns for Kaspersky, Getwear, and Prestigio and collaborated with Mitsubishi, Renault, Cirque du Soleil, and other acclaimed companies.


Focusing on social media campaigns, Irina learned how precious the attention of the audience is nowadays. In each and every assignment she strives not only to take a high-quality immaculate picture but a captivating,  eye-stopping photo that attracts the audience and sends the desired message.  In 2016, Irina relocated her studio to Los Angeles, California. She is also available for projects worldwide.